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Introduction top

Epping Forest District Council spends a considerable sum each year with the private sector.

This represents some significant opportunities for a wide range of businesses.

The Portal allows companies to pre-register their interest in working for the Council, and the wider public sector in Essex, and complete an on-line prequalification questionnaire.

To register an interest click on the Suppliers button and follow the link to the BiP Select registration system. Whilst using the portal is not a guarantee of success, it should provide companies with the best opportunity to offer informed quotations and tenders.

The requirements placed on companies are intended to protect the investments made by the Council on behalf of the residents of the Borough.

Organisation Details top

Organisation Name: Epping Forest District Council
Address: Civic Offices
High Street
Town: Epping
PostCode: CM16 4BZ
URL: http://www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/

Contact(s) Details top

Given Name:    Corporate
Surname:    Procurement
Position:    Senior Finance Officer: Procurement
Address:    Epping Forest District Council
Post Code:    CM16 4BZ
Phone:    01992 564355
Fax:    01992 560092
Email:    procurement@eppingforestdc.gov.uk
Type of Contracting Authority:    Local Authority

Given Name:    Dominic
Surname:    Warren
Position:    Senior Procurement Consultant
Address:    Braintree DC
Post Code:    CM7 9HB
Phone:    01376 551414 (ext. 2659)
Fax:    01376 557792
Email:    dominic.warren@braintree.gov.uk
Type of Contracting Authority:    Local Authority
Other:    Senior Procurement Consultant with the Essex Procurement Hub based at Braintree DC.

Purchase Plans top

- Description of scheduled purchases, plans, policy and practices.

Procurement Plan

Carbon Reduction Study; SHMA Review; Population & Household Estimate update; Small Sewage Treatment Works; Strategic Land Availability Assessment update; Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2; Transport Assessment; Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Testing; Disaster Recovery; Telephony Upgrade ; Corporate Cleaning Contract; Printing of consultation documents for public consultation period; Waste and Recycling contract; Local Plan Project Management support; Webcasting Contract

Purchasing Policy/Procurement Policy

Procurement is much more than a narrowly-based technical issue. Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, works and services, covering acquisitions from third parties, partnering and from in-house providers.

The process spans the whole (life) cycle from identification of needs, through to the end of a services contract or the end of the useful life of an asset. It involves options appraisal and the critical make or buy decision which may result in the provision of services in-house in appropriate circumstances.

EFDC's Corporate Procurement Strategy describes the contribution that effective procurement will make to the achievement of Epping Forest District Council's vision and corporate priorities.

Purchasing Practices/Procurement Procedures

Since October 2006, EFDC has been a member of the Essex Procurement Hub (the Hub), along with a number of other Essex Local Authorities. The Hub is a group of procurement specialists who are employed by Braintree District Council to provide procurement expertise to the members that subscribe to the service. The Council will promote efficiency in its own processes and improve its impact in promoting change amongst partners and suppliers.

Please see http://braintree.g2b.info/cgi-gen/profil
for a list of current tender exercises being carried out by the Hub.

Future Tenders/Planned Procurementstop

- Displays list of published Prior Information (PIN) Notices.

Current Tenders/Current Procurementstop

- Displays list of published current contract announcements, addendums, including cancellation notices.

Currently no contract information available.

Past Tenders/Awarded Procurementstop

- Displays list of published contract award announcements.

Currently no contract information available.

Other Informationtop

- Additional purchasing information.


As part of our duty under the Act, when a Freedom of Information request is received, we may have to disclose information that forms part of your PQQ, tender, bid or associated documentation unless an exemption applies as defined by the Act.

There are, for example, exemptions:

- against disclosing information where that would constitute an actionable breach of confidence
- against disclosing trade secrets
- against disclosing information likely to prejudice any person¿s commercial interests (and this includes the Council¿s commercial interests).

The Council will be mindful of the potential commercial risks to you as a prospective supplier and will comply with its obligations of confidentiality where they arise, subject to its legal obligations.

If you consider that any of the information you submit to the Council should not be disclosed because of its sensitivity, then this should be stated with the reason for believing it to be exempt in accordance with the Act. The Council will then, in future, seek to consult with you in considering any Freedom of Information request received, before replying to the request within the mandatory timescales.

It should be noted, however, that disclosure is assumed to be required under the law unless an exemption under the Act can be applied and, subject to the enforcement role of the Information Commissioned, the Council has to make a judgment as to the applicability of any exemption on the basis of all the facts in its possession, including its assessment as to whether there is a public interest in such disclosure.


Introduction |  Organisation Details  | Contact(s) Detail
Purchase Plans | Future Tenders/Planned Procurements | 
Current Tenders/Current Procurements
Past Tenders/Awarded Procurements  | Other Information